ISAX Smart Ageing Research Network

The purpose of the network is to add value for ISAX members through building enhanced supports for researchers in the smart ageing field and growing it as a research discipline.

Strategic Objectives


To increase the amount of research carried out and the amount of funding allocated to smart ageing research.


To give a profile to the smart ageing research being carried out by ISAX members.


To showcase this research to ISAX’s commercial and public sector members in order to alert them to the expertise available in the academic sector.


To engage with the national funding and enterprise agencies, act as a persuader and influencer to raise the profile of smart ageing in the context of the national research and innovation agenda.


To provide a forum for ISAX members to meet and discuss areas of common interest and contribute to shaping the direction of research services in ISAX.


Committee to act as a high level steering or advisory group – it will help to shape the agenda for research action within ISAX with a view to meeting the strategic objectives and maximising the value of their membership.


Meetings held twice per annum after the main ISAX members meeting. Project specific meetings to be arranged as required.

Membership & Decision making

One representative from each ISAX member with a quorum of at least 3 ISAX academic members should be set and agreed. Members can also nominate alternates to attend in their place. Consensus should be the basis for decision-making.

Secretariat and Reporting

ISAX Head of Research to provide the Secretariat to the Committee and will provide twice yearly progress reports to the committee.

Review Procedures

Terms of Reference reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that they remain fit for purpose and are in keeping with delivering value for ISAX members.

Information Sharing/Treatment of Intellectual Property

In relation to the facilitation and development of individual collaborative research projects, interested parties should use standard Non Disclosure Agreements as a matter of routine. Given the scope of this committee, IP should not be a matter of direct concern but should be kept under review as the research activity develops.


Tight operating budgets in ISAX, getting the right level of buy in from ISAX members, avoiding duplication with existing services and managing expectations between academic and non academic players.

Key Deliverables

  1. Baseline Survey
  2. Researcher Directory
  3. Researcher Information Service
  4. Networking Events
  5. Compendium of Need
  6. Collaborative Research Projects

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