The ISAX Smart Ageing Housing programme aims to optimise the independence, participation and wellbeing of older adults and meet their strongly held desire to stay living in their own communities. The programme is informed by the findings from the 2016 research report “ Housing for Older People – Thinking Ahead” funded by the Department and written by Amarach Research, Ass Profesor Ronan Lyons, commissioned by the Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange ( ISAX) and the Housing Agency. A copy of the report can be accessed Here

Additional Information

The programme includes plans for:

  • Independent Housing – with and without care: We will work on six very different “demonstrator” housing developments across the different Local Authority areas showcasing different  designs, care models, ownership mixes and financing options.
  • Staying In Own Home –  operating demonstrator projects highlighting different build, service and financing options for supporting people stay in their own homes and generating evidence on their effectiveness.
  • Raising Awareness – organising a Smart Ageing Housing Roadshow across key cities and towns to raise awareness among adults ag 60+ of the need to plan ahead and the wide range of housing options that are available to them.
  • Supportive Regulatory and Planning Initiatives – Smart planning innovations – our work to date has surfaced many opportunities for making such developments more attractive to developers and to those wishing to form co-operatives. During our 2 year programme we will work with the Local Authorities, The Housing Agency, HSE, and others to pilot new approaches e.g. bundling home-care packages, advocating for zones specially designated for Housing for Older People, making co-operatives eligible for Approved Housing Body Status.

These projects will inform and support the ongoing policy development options for central Government based on the experience and learnings from the demonstrator projects. It will also help to meet the objectives of National Positive Ageing Strategy, Rebuilding Ireland, the commitments in the Programme for Government and NPF 2017.

ISAX  received confirmation of funding from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government in May for our Smart Ageing Housing programme.  We have just recruited Aine Phelan to lead out on the Smart Ageing Housing programme.

Smart Ageing Housing Roadshow

We are launching a Smart Ageing Housing Roadshow in the Autumn across key cities and towns to raise awareness among adults age 50+ of the need to plan ahead and the wide range of housing options that are available to them.

If you are interested in participating in the roadshow as  a professional in this space (architect, planner or developer) please contact Aine Phelan on

Map and Profile of current provision

Our programme includes a map and profile of current provision of independent housing across the country, by Local Authorities, Approved Housing Bodies and private developers. If you would like us to include details on a development which you are aware please contact Aine Phelan on

Network of Smart Ageing Housing Projects

We aim to set up a network of Smart Ageing Housing Projects. We will showcase these developments on our website. To join our network of SMART geing Housing Projects please contact Aine Phelan on

Smart Ageing Cities and Towns National Co-Design Symposium

To get involved in the Smart Ageing Housing Roadshow please contact Aine Phelan