Members lie at the heart of everything that ISAX does.

Membership is open to a wide range of stakeholders – companies, academic institutions and government agencies – those with a vested interest in the global smart ageing economy and a strategic interest in being at the cutting edge of innovation and commercialisation.

Our members work together to invent innovative products and services and the disruptive innovations that address the complex global challenges associated with rapid ageing of populations and that meet the ever changing needs of older consumers.

We offer our members the opportunity to do together what they cannot achieve individually.

We also work with our members to help them develop their own ‘smart ageing strategies’. We want them to benefit directly from their membership but also to share with other members their insights and intelligence.

The annual membership subscription is €15,000 per annum.

Membership Roles and Key Stakeholders

We have three key membership groups

  • Academic institutions: Universities, Institutes of Technology and dedicated Research Centres providing scientific ‘break-throughs’ and independent evidence of ‘what works’;
  • Large companies collaborating across sectors and providing the scale needed to bring new solutions to global markets; and
  • Governments and their agencies as procurers or products and services and as regulators.

Importantly we also have two other critical stakeholder groups:

  • Start-up companies inventing new products, services and technologies operating through our Smart Ageing Incubation Hub; and
  • Mature consumers – who have a critical role to play in ‘framing’ their unmet needs and in co-creating solutions for those needs – they join ISAX through our Smart Ageing Community.

Membership Benefits

ISAX delivers a range of benefits to its members, providing:

All members with

  • a deeper understanding of the lived lives of older adults through our annual National Consumer Survey and access to relevant market research;
  • smarter segmentation through our work in developing ‘Personas’, to inform the development of new solutions
  • updates on global developments in the ‘smart ageing’ economy
  • opportunities to participate in clusters aimed at opening up new business opportunities
  • invitations to participate in collaborations for R&D funding at national and EU levels
  • networking opportunities through regular members’ meetings and other think-tank forums
  • access to a broad range of experts on ‘smart ageing’

Larger companies with opportunities to

  • develop their own Smart Ageing Strategies for targeting the global market – adapting their own product/service range or developing new to market solutions;
  • learn from the ISAX Compendium of Business Opportunities currently being developed– which provides evidence of unmet need relevant to their business
  • participate in sectoral clusters – Smart Ageing Homes, Functional Foods and Active & Healthy
  • access the companies in the ISAX Start Your Own Business Programmes and located in our dedicated Smart Ageing Incubation Unit and Co-location Hub – who may be of interest as suppliers, customers and acquisitions

Academic institutions with opportunities to

  • Secure funding for research projects – via membership consortia – for Horizon 2020 and other large R&D funds
  • Provide validating evidence of the impact and efficacy of new solutions
  • Broaden their curriculum to be relevant to the global smart ageing economy and to provide education and training qualification in emerging areas such as environmental and industrial gerontology
  • Prepare for a future in which probably at least half of their intake will be aged 55+

Government agencies such as local authorities, HSE and others with opportunities to:

    • Create jobs, exports, FDI, IP in a new smart ageing economy
    • Enhance Ireland’s international reputation for innovation by positioning it as global leader in this new economy


  • Bring really complex and expensive challenges to the table – seeking innovative and longer-term solutions to issues such as income security, home-care, health care
  • Collaborate with others to develop, test and roll-out more cost effective solutions to those challenges with more effective and efficient solutions to key challenges



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